Invitation for Ngwa youths in UK

My name is Chidi Onyeche and for the past few years, myself and my siblings have attended the NNAUSA Convention in America. It has been a great experience getting to learn more about our culture and heritage as well as connecting with young people like ourselves in the States.

The young people over there have set up an organisation called Ngwa Young Professionals; focused primarily on enhancing cultural awareness and professional skills.

On the back of that, I wanted to set up something similar for the youth here in London – to have the chance to connect with Ngwa individuals, to learn from each other and ultimately to have a platform to both embrace and celebrate being Ngwa.

I plan to set up a facebook group so that we can all decide the best way to move forward with this idea. Therefore, if you can add me on Facebook (Chidi Onyeche) I can then invite you to “like” this page.

Also, with the Christmas party coming up, it would be nice to collaborate with the adults in its organisation and use this as a chance to launch this initiative. Doing so will allow as many people as possible to be aware of its initiative and excited for its potential.

If you do have any other questions my email address is and my mobile numbber is 07791379251. We are all proud to be Ngwa – let’s learn, connect and celebrate together.

Best wishes


What the Youths Are Saying

I was at the seaside event with my parents it was a fantastic opportunity to meet other youths from NGwa and make new friends can't miss the next event for anything...
Mark Obi